IHM Panipat


1 ½ Year Diploma Courses

40 Seats

The Institute itself regulates admissions to ½ year Diploma Courses in the month of May. Reservation of seats is as per Haryana Government policy.

In Brief

Courses in Diplomas in Food Production and Food & Beverage Service are aimed at equipping trainees with knowledge, attitude & skill for fundamentals of cooking and serving for effective discharge of duties & responsibilities while working in hotels / restaurants / other hospitality establishments. The trainees with sincere, courteous and responsible discharge of duties / responsibilities can strengthen / brighten up their career opportunities. The institute regulates admissions to Diploma Courses in the month of May.

Career Opportunities for Diploma Holders

Diploma holders can look forward to career opportunities as:

  • Entry level positions in Hotels / Restaurants / Fast Food Chains.
  • Also entry level positions in Kitchen / Food & Beverage Service / Housekeeping / Hospitals / Institutional Catering.
  • Entry level positions as Service Crew in National & International Airlines.
  • Lab Assistants in FCIs & IHMs & Catering Institutes (after requisite work experience).
  • Entry level positions in State Tourism Development Corporations (after requisite work experience).
  • Also entry level positions in resorts.
  • Self employed through entrepreneurship.